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Dr H. Nzekwu 2

Dr. Henry Nzekwu

Executive Vice Chairman
For over two and a half decades, Dr. Nzekwu’s quest for multi-disciplinary competencies has guaranteed his place as a trusted advisor to governments and corporations across media platforms and international event productions. His capacity is well proven with over 13 years of working in partnership with the Nigerian Television Authority, where he was successful in achieving the design, set up and implementations of many live event and TV productions beamed across the globe. He has assisted several ministries, departments and agencies deliver a broad range of sensitive, demanding and Pan-Nigerian communication campaigns. Consequently, he is very versed in Perception Moulding, Government-Driven Stakeholder Engagement and Behavioural Change Communication.

Eyamba Nzekwu


Tijani Nwadei

Strategy Development Manager

Yetunde Esan

Business Development Manager

Charles Efiong

Creative Director